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Supernatural + Art
↳ Dean Winchester + Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

But when I ride again into the night
My torch will shoot flames strong and bright
And my absence will remind you of
How tough it is to be in love

Cold Cold Water - Mirah

Amanda Tapping at the 41st Annual Comic-Con International (x)


“I have a flight in ten minutes, Dean I can’t -“


this was supposed to be more nsfw but instead it’s just uh. cute. kind of. dean’s getting his pay back basically

Kevin Tran - Reading is Fundamental

the end is coming. the apocalypse.


Supernatural + Art
↳ Naomi + John William Waterhouse

If you start to think that it’s all over now
That the work you have done has been lost somehow
You wake up hungry in this world you’ve made
So much so how could you be turned away

Hallelujah - Thao & Mirah